6 Ways Digital Marketing Leads to Customer Acquisition

Digital marketing gets you in front of potential customers. The right strategy leads them to convert. Here, you’ll find: How search results affect customer acquisition Organic ways to acquire new leads Effective paid marketing strategies How to set your website up for optimal acquisition Experienced marketing pros know all about the customer journey.  It comprises the stages we […]

Top 3 Benefits of Incorporating CRM Systems In Your Practice

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are often used by sales teams to manage and track their activities with prospective, existing, and past customers. In recent years, they have made their way into healthcare where they help facilitate the patient acquisition, care and retention through a variety of actions. Following are some of the ways a […]

Using Google My Business for a Medical Practice? Here’s Your guidebook

Here’s the bottom line: your medical practice needs to be showing up on Google.  90% of all internet searches are done through Google, so if you want your practice to get as much search traffic as possible, the first page of Google search results is the place to be.  The problem is, Google My Business can […]

Why You Should Use PPC to Grow Your Medical Practice?

As a medical provider, it is vital to have your services visible to those who need them. In the digital arena, you certainly want potential patients to be able to find information about your practice, doctors, hours, locations, and other important details. You can implement various digital marketing strategies to achieve this goal, one of […]