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If you have managed a website for a while, or are up to date with B2B marketing trends, you are probably already using Google Analytics. You probably analyze what the traffic for the day is and compare it to previous results.
Nevertheless, there are many more ways to use Google Analytics and most of them can create extensive value and improve your business immensely.

We will walk through 10 ways Google Analytics can help your business.

Understand what kind of first impression you make

Google Analytics lets you see how many people visited your website but eventually bounced which means that they didn’t find what they were looking for. This tool will show you which pages are experiencing a high bounce rate and which ones are exceeding expectations.

This gives you an opportunity to change a few things – mobile optimization, design, content length and usefulness – to make more conversions and earn returning customers.

For example, your content may not be interesting enough and you may have to check online writing guides like State of Writing to make it perfect.

Figure out where your users are coming from

Geographical location is really important in doing business and that is exactly the information Google Analytics provides you with. Knowing the location of your users helps you design specific marketing campaigns and set goals for that area.

You’ll also be able to determine if there is space for growth in certain areas. Business Insider is a community blog that can offer you many great stories of how geo location mattered in their business and how it helped them improve it.

See where you rank in search engines

You may already know the basics of SEO and how to use keywords to get higher up on the search engine rankings.

However, you can always get higher – from page two to page one, for instance. Use other elements of SEO if you have noticed that a certain keyword has driven a lot of traffic to your website and do your best to get on page one.

“SEO is immensely important for gaining traffic and essentially, gaining leads. Google Analytics can help you determine where you stand and you can use that information to move forward and earn your place on the first page,”.

Set your goals

So many people who have their GA account, don’t have their goals set up. This is mostly because they feel like it will not help their cause and that it’s just another feature. Although it is commonly overlooked, it is a very useful feature, the one that could improve your GA experience and eventually improve your business immensely.

If you don’t set your goals, you won’t know when you meet your numbers and Google will not display the information you need. This is a great thing to have especially for companies that can set a monetary value to a specific user event / action.

Use it for segmentation

Segmenting your market is a lot easier when you have a powerful ally like GA. By using its Advanced Segments, you can easily learn a lot of things about your users and determine how and which ones to target appropriately.

Drive more value and personalization to your campaigns by using your traffic’s data to create specific campaigns for each of your segments.

Learn about keywords

In order to attract and retain traffic, you need to be visible on Google search engines, and you usually have to be high on the rankings to gain attention that you want and need. Relevant keywords and search terms embedded in your URLs help you get where you want to be.

This is where GA can help you. It can show you which keywords attract the most visitors. It gives you a straight breakdown of which queries are bringing users to your website and to which pages exactly. Use specific keywords to get the best results.

For instance, if you are a clothing company, simply using the keyword ‘dresses’ is not going to give you much attention but a more specific keyword like ‘elegant party dresses’ will do a much better job.

That being said, you need to make sure that everything is proofread to avoid a small mistake that can cost you a lot – use proofreading tools like Elite Assignment Help.

Study your competition

GA allows you to have some insight into your competitor’s traffic. You can utilize this for your benefit, to see and compare how many visitors you are gaining versus how many visitors they have.

Then you can proceed to check out what they are doing differently from you and adapt your site to be more like theirs in terms of useful content, design etc.

You can always find more ways to use GA on Forbes and see how to best study and learn from your competition.

Make a decision on which social media to target

Social media advertising campaigns cost a lot of money and you need to be sure that you find a specific platform where most of your users gather and engage. This way you won’t spend excessive money where it’s not useful.

Use GA to figure out where your users are congregating and direct your efforts towards that platform.

“Google Analytics is a great tool for determining where your users like to engage. You can then proceed to focus on that platform and advertise your products and services there instead of wasting time and money where it won’t matter,”.

Learn how compatible you are with your users

GA offers a lot of useful information among which is what browser your customers are using and what kind of computer they are viewing your content on as well.

For example, your content may not be compatible with FireFox but that may be what your users like to use. This is why you need to check out this segment of GA and make sure that you change everything necessary in order to stay compatible with your users.

Another example is that your users may be using old computer screens and your website is designed for new, flat screens. This is another improvement you can make to keep up with your customers.

Determine what to offer next

After seeing all of this information on GA and understanding what makes your visitors tick, you can use that information to offer new and interesting things. Products, services, content – all brand new and designed specifically for your users based on the data you have gathered.

Test each new element and see how it does – to help with content you could outsource writers through a variety of platforms.

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