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How To Develop A Robust Marketing Plan, Step-By-Step

Competition is only getting fiercer in the Medical Aesthetics Business, and challenges arise from every corner. Hence, developing a robust marketing strategy is not something to contemplate but a must. Before you jump into establishing the fittest marketing strategy to grow your practice, you first want to look at your business’s infrastructure. You need to ask yourself: do I have a robust foundation that isn’t cracked? Is there any underlying issue that might hold me from getting to the next level?

Without a solid foundation, everything will collapse, and all of your efforts might be in vain. So, getting a whiteboard or creating a PowerPoint presentation to map out your marketing plan is the first thing you want to do. But it doesn’t end there. In this monthly newsletter, we will dive deeper into the step-by-step process of developing a robust marketing plan to achieve your goals for your medical aesthetics business. Read on to learn more!

Figure out where your audience lives

First, you need to study your audience and determine where they live virtually. Just as we spend most of our time in our homes, where we feel the most relaxed, your audience has developed the same sense on the virtual end. You need to think through their lens and figure out where they mostly stay at. Why? So you can hang out where they hang out! You might be surprised, but the majority of your audience lives in three areas, which are:

· Internet/Google search

· Instagram

· Facebook

Internet/Google search

People nowadays have developed a habit where they go for a quick search on the internet if they wish to learn about something or gain more information about something that triggered their fancy. With the influence of different search engines, particularly Google, you want to take advantage of this massive opportunity and let your potential patients discover your practice. But how will you go about doing that? By having a robust website on the right platform with the correct hosting!

Build a scalable, reliable website with excellent content, great service pages, and helpful call-to-action, integrates online bookings, AI chatbots, CRM solutions, lead capture tools, and more! Otherwise, if your website is built under a platform that isn’t scalable, it limits your search engine optimization capabilities. Moreover, as developing and maintaining a website requires skills and expertise, we encourage you to hire a specialist that knows the medical aesthetics space and is fully committed to building a scalable website. Cutting corners is not the way to go. When people land on your website, you want to make it easy for them to navigate, understand, inquire, etc.

It is also crucial that your website is designed for mobile use since north of 86% of consumers hang out on mobile. Some are even too busy that they are always on the go. As you can lose them in a matter of seconds, it is best to ensure that your website is mobile-optimized so they can find your practice and book with you wherever they are.


Social media has quickly caught up with being an excellent marketing tool since most people are now on social media to engage with their family, friends, and even brands. As one of today’s mainstream social media channels, Instagram is where you want your practice to be visible. Be relevant in this space and be consistent on your posts, IG stories, and reels. You can also be interactive while showing professionalism on this platform.

Encouraging your peers and past clients to start tagging you in their posts is an excellent idea to get exposed to their followers and get your medical aesthetics practice in front of a wider audience. You may also tag them in your posts to keep the wheels in motion. In the end, you can establish a robust organic following as you’re consistently putting content out there and engaging with different users.


Facebook was around before Instagram came to the surface, and thus, it has slightly different demographics than the latter. For instance, Facebook users have more experience since they have been around social media for a more extended period than Instagram users. You may need to adjust your tactics and remain relevant on this channel.

Like on Instagram, you may share your content through posts, stories, and before and after images. What’s remarkable is that there is now an option where you can connect your Instagram to Facebook. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. Take a step further, and you may utilize tools that connect all of your channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Google My Business.

Final thoughts

“Begin with the end in mind” should be your mantra if you aim to expand your Medical Aesthetics Practice on a broader scheme. Think long-term, and all of the fancy stuff can come later. However, you want to put together the right team with the right people as you perform your marketing efforts to ensure your hard work bears fruit. Remain consistent in every area. Keep publishing quality website content and be social on social. You’ll be surprised, but it’s more on automating the process and letting it flow, which can result in more revenue.

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